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The Jesuit tradition in higher education is more than 450 years old, and Rockhurst University has been part of this heritage since 1910. We focus on learning, leadership, and service in the Jesuit tradition while welcoming students of all faiths.

Jesuit education is known for academic excellence and an emphasis on the education of the whole person. These values, along with interdisciplinary studies, a global perspective, and justice, remain the hallmarks of Jesuit education today.

If you are passionate about caring for people, Rockhurst University’s online nursing programs are your pathway to a service-oriented career in health care.

Our online nursing programs are delivered by the reputable Saint Luke’s™ College of Nursing and Health Sciences. We are committed to preparing the health care workforce of tomorrow by offering undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate programs for adult learners. Our goal, which is aligned with the Jesuit education tradition, is for our graduates to be leaders-in-service.

Rockhurst’s online programs prepare nursing professionals for clinical excellence through health care innovation, transformative learning, quality outcomes, and desirable specializations. Supportive resources and clinical placement services ensure that you have the necessary support and tools to thrive throughout your educational experience and succeed as a nurse or nurse practitioner.

  • accelerated pathway
    Accelerated pathway
    to a rewarding new role in nursing
  • transformative learning
    Transformative learning
    for professional and personal growth
  • clinical placement
    Clinical placement
    and dedicated support services